The Lead: Brittini Ray on Local Crime Reporting

The Lead is a podcast hosted and produced by Charlotte Norsworthy in the Cox Institute for Journalism Innovation, Management & Leadership at the University of Georgia. We talk about how to get ahead in the media industry by interviewing the people who did.

I am so excited to be back in action with Season 6 of The Lead. This return episode is particularly special to me because I was able to interview recent Grady College alumna Brittini Ray in my hometown, Savannah. There, she works as a crime reporter for the Savannah Morning News.

I took my mobile equipment I talked about in previous posts (see here and here) and set up in a sound booth in the newsroom. Nothing is quite as exciting as being able to capture some great sound with simple equipment. As a student, it is both inspiring and empowering.

The newspaper has undergone interesting changes in recent years, causing teams to downsize, yet triple their coverage radius. In this episode, we talk about how a small news team can be responsible for nearly a dozen counties worth of crime coverage. We also discuss the effect this beat can have on a journalist’s mental health.

I could talk to Brittini for hours because she is a recent graduate experiencing very real challenges of being a young journalist. Give it a listen.



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