UGA Continues Football Traditions

Senior Joel Garcia playing the Battle Hymn of The Republic during a home UGA Football game.

Saturday in Sanford Stadium is approaching fast and UGA’s football team is preparing to take the field for the first time of the 2017 season.

Fans are accustomed to the traditions of UGA football and expect them before every game. Some of these events include the Dawg Walk, the Redcoat Band taking the field before kick off, and one lone trumpet player in the southwest corner of the stadium.

That lone trumpet player is responsible for playing the Battle Hymn of the Republic. The stadium falls silent during the first few notes of the hymn. Fans in the stadium point towards a corner on the South stands where the trumpet player stands. After the first few notes, a video highlight reel of UGA football legends plays while the voice of Larry Munson narrates a monologue.

Senior Joel Garcia will be playing during the University of Kentucky game on Saturday, November 18th. Garcia is no stranger to this role. He has played the Battle Hymn multiple times over the past few years.

Sophomore Nick Borkovich will be leading the crowd during the Samford University game at Sanford Stadium on September 16th.




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