Family Legacy Continues with Student’s Acceptance into UGA

Athens, Ga-Getting accepted into college is an honor. But imagine attending school where your father and grandfather went. Reporter Wes Clark caught up with one recently admitted freshmen who has legacy at UGA.

Jason Terry is proudly reading his acceptance letter to UGA. He is a senior at Druid Hills High School in Atlanta, and will be one of a number of lucky bulldogs to attend UGA this fall. What makes his acceptance even sweeter is that he will be a third generation here come this fall. “I’m just one of a long line of Terry’s that have gone to UGA. It’s good to be able to keep that tradition and go to a place that’s good as UGA,” says Jason. Jason rans downstairs and into the kitchen where his dad was washing dishes. He was happy that Jason will continue the family’s legacy. However his dad, Michael Terry, had this message to share with Jason, “I want him to understand that this is a great opportunity for him. There are so many things that he can do at Georgia and with a Georgia degree.” As Jason’s time at Druid Hills come to an end, he says that he’s excited to start a new chapter this fall in Athens. “I’m ready for this! I’m going to have a great support group their and its not to far away from home.”

Mr. Terry also informed me that Jason was one of a few lucky students who will receive the Foundation Fellows Scholarship. This is a prestigious award offered through the Honors Program.


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