UGA Students Face Flight Cancellation Variances Out of LaGuardia

Flight cancellations are a nightmare for everyone, but it was especially an unfortunate ordeal for 25 University of Georgia broadcast students.
Three booked Delta Airlines, and the remaining 22 booked Southwest Airlines. Both airlines are ranked in the top four in the United States by passengers according to

However, Delta Airlines was much less likely to cancel compared to Southwest. As a result, the three UGA students who chose Delta made it home on time. The Southwest riders are currently waiting for the next flight that is set to take off Monday evening.

Southwest is much more likely to cancel compared to Delta although a Southwest respresentative failed to speak on the topic. A crew member from  Republican Airlines did speak because he was trying to get home himself after being stuck in New York for three days, and he knew as much as the average person.

“I mean I don’t know how much snow they got here – probably three feet – and obviously if the runways aren’t clear, they can’t have traffic – they can’t handle it,” Craig Harper, a Republican crew member, said. “All I know is I’m trying to get home.”

Harper is just like the Bulldogs stuck in NYC, ready to make it back to his destination. Although the airlines usually decide to cancel, the airport will shut down travel if necessary. It is all because of flow, which is air traffic control, and if there is too much traffic to hold, they will prevent planes from getting to LaGuardia.

[youtube]Newsource reporter Kaitlin Long in New York City

“There’s probably a limited amount of airlines that can come in so that’s a big thing too,” Harper said. “Anytime there’s weather in New York it’s always delayed.”

New York may have experienced one of the top three snow storms in history this past weekend, but overall Laguardia, the airport the UGA students are flying out of, cancels the most out of John F. Kennedy International, Ronald Reagan International, and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airports.

In fact, the number of flight cancellations have increased over the past three years.

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