UGA Day At The Capitol

ATLANTA- Georgia’s top legislators are facing some tough issues the current legislative session.  University of Georgia student leaders were making their case for change on several issues the issues facing the state’s oldest flagship university and the state as a whole.

  • Relax alcohol possession laws for college students
  •  Create an environment that encourages people to report sexual assaults
  • Find ways to make college more affordable

Those were the key messages dozens of UGA A students took to the state capitol today.

Grant Thomas, Co Director of Government relations for UGA’s Student Government Association told reporter Adeline Kenerly that they had meetings with top Government officials set up for the entire afternoon. One thing Thomas plans to lobby those officials for is a citation model for underage drinking arrests. Thomas said, “We feel that students should not be arrested for possession of alcohol, we believe they should be issues a citation. This is affirmed by our survey. 92% of Students support going to a citation model for underage possession of alcohol charges.”

University of Georgia President Jere Morehead also made the trip to address the governing bodies from the floor of legislature. Morehead says the Dawgs at the Capitol event was very special because it celebrates the 230th birthday of the state’s oldest university.

Student activists representing the Student Government Association and the Arch Society, as well as others, were present for the Dawgs at the Dome event. Even Hairy Dawg made an appearance under the gold dome of the capitol building today.

Governor Deal chatted and took photos with student leaders. The Governor said, “it’s great to have them [UGA] here and for them to get a little bit of a glimpse of what goes on in state government.”


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