UGA Students Harass Woman On Pope Street


Athens- Athens-Clarke County police officers are setting up a house check for a home on Pope Street after the homeowner claimed she was being harassed by UGA students. Reporter Ellen Rittiner knocked on houses in the area but the people inside were too afraid to have their names mentioned, let alone answer some questions. One of the woman’s neighbors has filed a report with the Office of Student Conduct.

Via the police report, the owner of the house, who wishes to stay anonymous, claims that the students, “…film and provoke her from their cars,” as well as honk their horns during the night. Neighbors have also told police that the students, “…come up to her and window to provoke her and try to get a reaction from her.”

According to the report, this behavior has been going on for more than a month, and when the officer on call arrived, there were multiple cars parked outside with students inside filming and taking pictures.


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  • Julie Glenn

    I am so embarrased to hear of such pitiful and pathetic behavior from UGA’s college students. Sounds like something only stupid, insensitive student would participate. I feel very sorry for this lady. She may have emotional issues but it seems as if all of these greek organization so “dedicated to their philanthropies are behaving in a way very contrary to the the way they try to portray themselves. As a citizen of Athens, I’m very embarrased that the city doesn’t do more to bring an abrupt end to the mental anguish these students must be escalating intros poor woman.

  • Barry Hollander

    Good job picking up on this one. Reddit had an interesting and, of course, unverifiable discussion on it earlier.

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