UPDATE: UGA Students Being Approached on Campus to Become Prostitutes

Barring notices have been issued by University of Georgia Police to the man and woman who were recruiting females students to become prostitutes

Enosedba Ivbaze (23) and Teresa Huff (40) were issued barring notices that prevent them from returning to the MLC until October 14th, 2016.

According to the police report, around eight forty five on sunday night, two students said they were approached by a woman who needed directions to the MLC and then asked if they were interested in meeting her male friend name Enos concerning being prostitutes.

The students declined and found police officers at the North Campus Parking Deck.

Teresa Huff was found by police officers in a classroom at 9: 00 PM. When confronted about the event she told officers she would never do that because she was involved in prositution in New York and would never encourage females to become prostitutes.

The man was identified as Enosedebe Ivabaze. He was also found that night in the MLC and told officers that Huff asked him about getting a man to pimp for her, but he declined.

On March 23rd of this year, Ivabaze was barred from the MLC on March 23rd for one of his friends looking at pornography on the computers.


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