Chi Phi Cut-a-thon Benefits Hurricane Sandy Victims

One group of hairdressers is not only cutting hair, they’re cutting a lot of costs for East Georgia’s Red Cross chapter. Grady Newsource Reporter Mary Grace Fisher was able to see UGA’s Chi Phi fraternity get a makeover for a good cause.

Jesse Codner’s mother has probably cut his hair plenty of times. But this time, he’s making giving back a family affair. His involvement on campus helped get the ball rolling.

Codner says, “This past year I got involved in the Athens UGA Red Cross Club and, you know, going to meetings and stuff really sparked my interests in raising money for Athens and the Athens Red Cross does a lot of good things.”

The 80 slots available for haircuts started to fill up fast before the event even began. Men paid $15 and women $25. Owner of Jamison Shaw Hair Salon and Jesse’s mother Candy Shaw Codner is no stranger to the scissors.

Mrs. Codner says, “I have a fifty-five year old lineage of hairdressers in my family. My father was a hairdresser, I’ve got an uncle a hairdresser, I’ve got family members that are hairdressers, and we just love giving back.”

Each year, Jamison Shaw does an event like this one to benefit those in need. According to Mrs. Codner, “Every year, there’s not one particular charity that we try to align ourselves with. We just try to see what the need is.”

This event will help sweep up the negative effects of Hurricane Sandy. Maybe it’s true what they say–a little trim goes a long way.

The director of East Georgia’s Red Cross chapter says they expect total proceeds to reach about $5,000.

By: Mary Grace Fisher


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