Georgia Service Members Reflect on Veterans Day

The men and women who have served in our country will be recognized tomorrow for Veterans’ Day. More than 250 student veterans call the University of Georgia their home.

Ian McNeill is an Army veteran. He’s gone from walking across Afhganistan to walking across the campus of the University of Georgia. The whole tranisition for him has been pretty interesting.

McNeil said, “Kinda wild. Cause there’s thousands of people who I have very little common background with.”

The Student Veteran’s Resource Center is an aid here to help ease the transition for these students who have left the military. Ian really appreciates the center because it allows him to talk about things with people who share a common background.

“I can’t talk about Afghanistan or interact with students that I see on a daily basis but I can with people that I see at SVRC because we share a common background,” said McNeil.

The SVRC doesn’t only help aid veterans though. They also help with students that are active duty and in the reserves. Graduate Assistant Dan Philiips works at the resource center now and was once in the military himself.

“I am a veteran, I went through a similar transition process from military service to academic life. I don’t know if easy is the right descriptor for it. You know its a different environment.” said Dan Phillips.

The student veterans association partnered with the American Red Cross here at UGA to find a way to let people thank veterans.




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    It was nice to know that your recognizing our veterans. I salute and respect them.

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