Vision Video Closes One Store But Continues To Stay Strong

Athens, Ga– Blockbusters and other movie stores are closing nationwide. But one local Athens video store has found a way to keep their video business running. Reporter Hannah Patrick found out how vision video is still succeeding.

Even though One of the Vision Video stores is closing next month, the owners have still found a way to reach out to their customers. Movie Rentals have been going on for over four decades now. But the rise of Internet access, Netflix, and Redbox has created competition for movie rental stores.

The vision video on the East Side, however, does not plan on closing anytime soon.
Zach Henderson says, “I have really good faith in this location, well in vision video, because we’re local. I think blockbusters main problem is that they went nationwide with 10 million stores and just kind of over did themselves.”

One of the managers, Zach Henderson, believes their movie recommendations, loyal customers, and personality will keep their business open.
Their wide variety of movies from foreign to animae also sets them apart from regular movie stores.

A customer says, “you can go to blockbuster, hollywood video and you’re just like hey do you have any foreign films

and they’re like yeah we have five.”
They even have a trivia game they like to play with their customers.
Henderson says, “but it varies in questions. what we would do is if you get it right you’d get a free

release on us. We would have customers come in here and its the personal interaction.
They’ll come in and say you know i like this movie and we’ll say, well have
well have you tried this one?”
Henderson believes their locality and personal recommendations will keep them growing in the Athens community.  The owners of all of the vision Videos in Athens are brothers. They believe that closing the broad store location will help out the other two locations with business. Hannah Patrick, Grady Newsource.


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