Weather: Nov. 4 Minor Flood Warning

By Jordynn Abernathy

A minor flood warning went into effect Wednesday for the Oconee River near Penfield, reaching Clarke County, Oconee County, and Greene County.

According to the National Weather Service, there will be light drizzles and no heavy rain showers are expected throughout the week. The river is currently cresting at 15.84 feet, but by Thursday afternoon it will crest a little over 17.4 feet. By Friday, the water is expected to have dropped about four feet and below flood stage.

Flooding is expected to expand into fields, woodlands and pastures at 17 feet. Although they are not expecting the water to affect roadways, the water level is close to Ward Road and will begin approaching irrigation systems which may need to be moved to higher land.

Courtesy of the National Weather Service
Courtesy of the National Weather Service


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