What Bills Got the Most Attention on Cutoff Day?

Atlanta Friday was the cutoff day for bills to be passed and sent to the opposite chamber.

Many bills were passed, but here are a highlight to a few bills that have gained a lot of attention:

Gurley Bill- HB 3

The bill would make it a crime for people to lure collegiate athletes to violate N-C-double-A rules. The bill is named after Georgia running back Todd Gurley who missed four games last year because he broke N-C-double-A rules.

Beer Brewery Direct sales- SB 63

The bill will allow brewers to sell their beer directly at the brewery. You can pick up 36 ounces while you tour, and you can take home 64 ounces if the bill passes.

 “Smokefree Cars for Children Act” – SB 130

Think twice before lighting up that cigarette. The bill will fine smokers who smoke in a car with a kid younger than 15 in the car $100.

All these bills still have to be passed by both chambers and then have to be signed by the governor to become law.