Where to Get Your Flu Shot in Northeast Georgia


By Danielle Herman

Cold weather has descended upon the Northeast Georgia area, bringing with it the onset of flu season.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, flu season begins in October and lasts until May. Influenza can affect everyone differently, ranging in age and health.

The best way to reduce chances of catching the seasonal flu and potentially spreading to others is to get an annual vaccine, either through a flu shot or nasal spray. There are two types of flu shots available, trivalent and quadrivalent. The more traditional trivalent protects against a H1N1, a H3N2, and an influenza B virus; the quadrivalent vaccine protects against an additional influenza B virus.

Residents in Athens-Clarke County can refer to the list below to figure out where to get their flu vaccine this year. The prices listed are for patients without insurance; depending on your insurance coverage, a flu shot may cost you nothing at all.

  • Walgreens (all locations): $31.99 without insurance
  • CVS (all locations): $31.99
  • Walmart (all locations): $25, type not specified
  • Hodgson’s: $35 cash for quadrivalent
  • ADD: $25 both strands
  • Horton’s Drug: $28.99, trivalent. As of 10 a.m. on October 19, Horton’s did not have any quadrivalent in stock.
  • Hawthorne Drugs: $25, both strands
  • Village Drug Shop: $25 trivalent, $40 quadrivalent
  • Publix: $30 trivalent
  • Target: $31.99, but you’ll need a prescription for the quadrivalent strand here.
  • Rite Aid: $31.99 trivalent, $39.99 quadrivalent

For more information on how flu vaccines work and which one is best for you, check out these key facts from the CDC.


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