Two words: Super Tuesday. Grady Newsource will have much more. On Tuesday, March 1st we have three live shows planned to give you the scoop on local voting.

What is Super Tuesday? The day presidential candidates have a greater chance to win more delegates and secure a nomination than any other day of the year. A total of 14 states and territories are involved, including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming, and yours truly – Georgia.


You’ll be able to see the voter turnout for yourself. This show will be in the UGA Peyton Anderson Forum and four of our reporters will be live at the Lay Park polling location in downtown Athens. Will the political climate be super or super-duper? Grady Newsource will let you decide while giving you all the angles, up close and personal.


Some voters still won’t know. We will have live coverage in Oconee and Clarke County looking at undecided voters and what might influence which candidates get a check-mark by their name. Grady Newsource will also introduce Charles Bullock, the Richard B. Russell Chair in Political Science. Bullock has been with the University of Georgia since 1968 and his areas of expertise include southern politics, legislative politics, and the elections and electoral systems.


It will be special. Our team will update you on the voter turnout in Athens and we will have reporters live at the capitol in Atlanta. There will also be an update on the Jackson County SPLOST vote and the vote for Jean Blackstone, a candidate for the Chairman of the Board of Elections for Athens-Clarke County. Charles Bullock will be an added anchor to contribute to the election discussion. Bullock will identify which factors influenced the voting and why certain candidates resonated with the local voters.

By: Danielle Lewan


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