Where to Tailgate This Weekend?

ATHENS, GA- Myers Quad looked like a construction site today as ESPN’s College Gameday began their preparation for this Saturday. The 3-hour broadcast will bring hundreds of UGA and LSU faithful to the same field that hosts tailgates on college football Saturdays. That will force many fans to find a new spot to throw up a tent.

UGA sophomore Zack Osborne and his family have a long tradition of spending Saturdays in the Quad. Usually, Saturday mornings are an early start for Zack…

“I actually have to go out there at 6:45 and set up a tent in the morning,” said Osborne.

Zack might not be able to get out there as early as he wants. UGA Police say that they will turn fans away if they show up before 7 AM.  Police will not be directing fans where to move their tailgates, but they will be around campus directing traffic and where fans can park. The South Campus Parking Deck is permit only this weekend, and parking passes are already sold out.  Fans will be directed to park in the Carlton Street Deck located behind Stegeman Coliseum.  You will be able to park there for a price on Saturday.

ESPN’s Gameday’s set will take up around 75 percent of the field….It may just be a bad day for Zach’s family to tailagate at Myers Quad.

“With it being college gameday, if we have to move, i mean, it is what it is. Thats perfectly fine with us. College Gameday is here,” said Osborne.

But since it is first come first serve…if Zack is there at 7 AM…he’s got a shot at the spot.

By: Patrick Bender





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