Make a Loud Racket for Halloween: Athens to Host Wild Rumpus

A Halloween spectacular that started almost a decade ago is in full planning mode. The Wild Rumpus will have events starting Thursday, October 27 and continue through Saturday, October 29.

Timi Conley, Director and Master of Ceremonies of the event, spends all year planning an event that he hopes will host about 3000 people. It’s his love for the holiday that keeps him inspired.

“Who doesn’t want to dress up? It’s just fun. I used to do Halloween parties in college and they were always just the best time.” Conley states.

He promises that this will be a fun time for all age groups and he encourages people to make “a huge racket.”

The Wild Rumpus is adding an event this year to involve a greater crowd. A kickoff will be hosted at Creature Comforts to get the party started.

“We know that most people go to the Georgia Florida game, so this is Thursday night. So we encourage the student body to get involved. They can come Thursday and then go to Jacksonville.”

Conley chooses who receives the donations based on an astrology calendar. This year he chose Georgia River Network.

He says, “This is year number 8, which is the Scorpio year. Scorpio is a water sign. So I think Scorpio feels like blood, blood and the veins and life and death. I feel like the rivers of Georgia feels like an an appropriate recipient this year.”

He spends months working on this event and he is not holding anything back this year.

“I don’t think there is anything secret, it’s all out in the open.”


By Jessi Young

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