Witnesses Speak on Day Four of Blount Murder Trial

By: Erin O’Brien

Six new witnesses testified Thursday in the murder trial for Corey Blount.  Blount is accused of fatally shooting Derrick Merritt and injuring Jamaris Walter in a fight outside a club in Athens in May 2014. Several women involved in the brawl, the doctor who treated Walter, and the woman driving the car from the scene all described what they said happened that night.

One witness, Santana Houseworth, said that on the night of the incident she was out enjoying her sister’s college graduation party at a local club. She testifed that as she and her friends headed to their car at the end of the night, when a brawl broke out. She said things then escalated quickly.

“She was upset so she was like, get my pistol out of the car,” said Houseworth, recalling one woman’s words during the fight.

The prosecution showed Houseworth and two of her friends pictures and graphic videos of the night. All three women recounted a similar scenario at the scene. The defendant asked for friend Tiahasha Edans to stay on recall, after she says she never spoke with police that night.

Tiahasha Edans was asked if she remembered telling police that she heard someone say, “That was Keisha trying to shoot at those girls.”

Edans said she does not remember saying that and that she never talked to the police.

Altanta resident Shamaly McClain was also called to the witness stand Thursday afternoon. The mother of five gave emotional testimony as she admitted she was driving the green Mustang seen fleeing the scene.

“It just happened so fast and not knowing what was going on was very scary,” said McClain.

McClain said she had no idea where the shots came from.

Closing arguments will begin Friday morning in Superior Court in Athens.




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  • otis redding

    Santana Houseworth is on trial for vehicular homicide herself

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