13 Great Social Media Reactions to the Georgia Snowstorm

Athens, GA – Whether they’re playing in the snow, cuddled up inside, or stuck in Atlanta traffic, people have taken to posting about their snow day activities on social media. Here are some of the best ones yet.

  1. This guy who probably got the last loaf of bread in Athens.
    iphone 055
  2. This confirmation that the apocalypse is in fact happening right now.

iphone 056
3. The cold, hard truth, aye.

iphone 058

4. This wonderful display of southern improvisation.

iphone 059


5. The song that was sung all day long by every female across the state.

iphone 060

6. This prank that is colder than the snow.004

7. This photographic proof of the existence of one abominable (and nine adorable) snowman.iphone 061

8. The reason you will be eating toast for breakfast, PB&J for lunch, and grilled cheese for dinner for the next three weeks.0029. The smallest and saddest commuter in Georgia.

iphone 062


10. The age old question we and John Mayer are still waiting for an answer to.003

11. The beginning to the epic snowball fight we’ve all been waiting for.iphone 063

12. How you feel any time you dare brave the wilderness that was once your backyard. polar bear

13. Why every dawg has his snow day. iphone 064



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