This year’s The Athens Clarke County local election is taking place takes place right around the corner on May 22nd. This election will include the General Primary, non-partisan primary, and a special election. Six commissioner seats, two judge seats and one mayor seat are all up for grabs this election season. 

Nancy Denson is currently the Athens-Clarke County mayor. She is not running for re-election. Mayors serve two-year terms with the opportunity to serve two terms for a total of four years. The candidates running for her seat are Harry Sims, Kelly Girtz and Richie Knight


This year, two judge seats are up for re-election. For both seats, the incumbents are running again. 

Superior Court Judge

  • Lisa Lott
  • Regina Quick (incumbent) 
  • Eric Norris, (incumbent) 
  • Allison Mauldin

Athens-Clarke County Unified Government is made up of 10 districts. This year all the odd numbered districts are up for re-election, along with a special election for district 2- which became vacant when Harry Sims resigned to run for Mayor. Commissioners serve four-year terms and have legislative powers to create boards, departments and also adopt ordinances. 

County Commissioner Candidates

District 1:

  • Patrick Davenport
  • Sharyn Dickerson(incumbent)

District 2 special election:             

  • Mariah Parker
  • Taylor Pass

District 3:

  • Tony Eubanks
  • Melissa Link (incumbent)

District 5:

  • Jared Bailey (incumbent)
  • Danielle Benson
  • Tim Denson

District 7:

  • Carl Blount
  • Russell Edwards
  • Bill Overend

District 9:

  • Ovita Thornton
  • Tommy Valentine

Board of Education 

District 1: Greg Davis(incumbent)

District 3: Linda Davis(incumbent)

District 5: Imani Scott-Blackwell & Kara Dyckman

District 7: Carol Williams(incumbent) & LaKeisha Gantt

District 9: Tawana Mattox


For even more information on the Athens-Clarke County Spring election visit THIS site.


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  • Kyle Bendix

    Is it too much to ask for just ONE conservative republican running for ACC major? The 2018 mayoral roster of candidates is PATHETIC! All leftists.

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