How Much Do College Students Really Pay Each Semester?

ATHENS, GA — The Board of Regents announced yesterday that tuition will not increase in the 2016-2017 school year. Many parents and students believe this announcement is long overdue, as tuition rates increased last year between 2.5 and nine percent, per the University of System of Georgia.

These semester breakdowns from students who attend colleges all over Georgia demonstrate that extracurricular expenses for a college student are much more detailed and costly than just tuition alone. We talked to some of the students to see exactly what needs and interests are breaking their pockets.

Kendall Jones is preparing to apply for dental school, which is much more costly of an application process than applying for most undergrad programs.

Kendall Jones.001



Meagan Lyon, a member of Delta Zeta at Georgia College and State University, spends $500 or more a semester on sorority expenses like t-shirts, national dues, and date nights.

Meagan Lyon.001















Taylor Hagood works for Dress Up boutique, which requires her to purchase their clothes for the work uniform. She spends about $30 a week on clothes alone.Taylor Hagood.001















And finally, Abby Smith, whose dog is worth more than some small families. She spends about $475 a semester on veterinary insurance, $240 on dog food, and $140 a semester just to get her dog’s nails cut.


Now that tuition will remain the same next year, students may have more change in their pockets to help pay for needs and wants throughout college.

By Emily McLanahan


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