In Atlanta, Cruz Claims to be Most Reliable Conservative

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ATLANTA- Ted Cruz spoke in Atlanta on Saturday, and cast himself as the only Republican presidential candidate that could be trusted to take a firm stand on conservative principles.

In his speech, given at Liberty Plaza in front of the Georgia State Capitol, Cruz asked who voters could trust beyond “a shadow of a doubt” to make Supreme Court nominations. Cruz said he would nominate and “get confirmed” a “strong, principled constitutionalist” to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

Cruz told the crowd that the country was “one liberal justice away” from a “five justice left-wing majority.” Cruz said that such a majority would result in a loss of religious liberty, the dismantling of monuments to the 10 Commandments and Veterans memorials, the removal of religious symbols from soldiers’ graves, and the striking of abortion restrictions.

The Texas senator also took shots at his competitors for compromising with Democrats.

“In this Republican field, if you want another Washington deal maker, you’ve got choices,” Cruz said. He told the crowd to ask themselves who among the Republican candidates had “actually stood up to Washington.”

Congressman Jody Hice, who has endorsed Cruz and introduced him to the crowd, said that he agrees with Cruz’s no-compromise approach as “a general rule” when dealing with “major issues.” He cited “two totally different philosophies” of “big government” and “limited government” as an example.

“On those issues, we can’t be working deals,” Hice said.

Cruz’s next event on Saturday was a rally in Perry, GA. Fellow Republican candidates Donald Trump and Marco Rubio will be in Valdosta and Atlanta on Monday, respectively.

By James C. Thompson


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