Athens, Ga–
The father of a little boy attacked by a pitbull last week says he never saw this coming. Reporter Hannah Patrick said,

“Exactly. They trusted the dog. His son Dominic knew the dog for 2 years prior to this attack. He did not want to do an on camera interview, but what was even more surprising that he told me off camera is that this was not just a bite. He says it was a full blown attack.”
This pitbull that attacked Dominic may seem harmless. But Most people think pitbulls are violent dogs. However, Amanda Newsom believes this can be true for any breed of dog. Amanda Newsome, outreach coordinator at the Athens Area Humane Society says,
“It talks about pitbulls and the bad stigma and stereotype that they do get. but a dog’s temperment is very directly related to the way you raise that animal. ”

Training may be one aspect, but there is another important factor to keep in mind. Dominic’s father never felt comfortable leaving his children alone with dogs. and this is something Amanda agreed with. Amanda also said,
“I think it’s incredibily important to emphasize the fact that children should never be left alone with an animal whether its your pet, or someone else’s, it’s just kind of a rule.”
His father says that they still love dogs and have no hate towards pitbulls. It was very clear from this interview that his father only has one thing in mind and that is Dominic. Dominic remains in the hospital right now, but he is consious. We will continue to keep you updated on his condition. I’m Hannah Patrick Grady Newsource.


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