Sinkhole Update

Jeff Archibald just wants his sinkholes fixed!

“There are three sides supported here. But they didn’t do anything about where it’s eroded away at the edges. This is ehhh woaah” Jeff gasps as trips into one of the sinkholes.

His neighbor quickly comes to assist him out of this sinkhole– a problem they’re constantly trying to get fixed. But Jeff feels that all his efforts are getting no where.

“Nothing’s been solved, nothings been resolved. We’re exactly in the same place as we were as far as I can tell at the end of May” says Jeff.

That’s when he made his first complaint to the city. And this is all that’s been done so far. Metal planks over just some of the sinkhole.

“They said okay. The covert is all fixed now. And this is fixed” says Jeff.

Well it’s not fixed and no one knows when it will be. According to this open records documents Jeff filed, Some residents have complained about the sinkholes for 20 years.

Jeff’s final remarks, “We can only imagine at this point we have no idea what they’re really doing. We’re stuck here as our houses get eroded away.”

No one is commenting on this case. None of the commissioners or the Public Information officers.


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