Garbage to Glam


“I’m converting a dumpster into a gallery space. The conversion is.. I’ve put a roof on it, and I’ve wiped clean the inside to paint it and even out the walls to kind of give it a polish interior.” says sculpture student Lindsay Pennington

Much of Her practice involves turning discarded materials into works of art. This time she’s creating an area where other’s can display their art.

“I’m not going to hang anything in the space. It’s more about just presenting it as a creative art space.” says Pennington.

The electricity she installed makes these lights just right for gallery showcasing.

“I want people to feel like they’re in just another space. It’s not a dumpster anymore” says Pennington.

To take away from the dumpster feel, Lindsay put about two layers of paint on the walls. By doing this, she’s helping create that gallery ambiance and also increasing the life span of this dumpster.

“When the steel is exposed and it gets rained on, it could rust. So any additional layers of paint is going to protect it a little bit” says Andrew Lentini at the UGA office of sustainability.

Lentini helped Pennington with the process of getting the dumpster. He says he’s pleased with the art school’s eco-conscious practices.

“The UGA sculpture department usually uses cast off things to make beautiful works of art out of them”

But to some, Lindsay’s dumpster is still just a place for trash.

“As I was painting the rear wall of the dumpster. Some people walked by and assumed it was still a dumpster and tossed a coke into the dumpster and it landed on me.”


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