For nearly 20 years, 911 have been the public has used in case of an emergency, however this system on it’s way for a makeover.

In Madison County, they are updating the 911 system with a new method that will give you full advantage of a smart phone.

Commissioner John Scarborough says once the new system goes into place and the county has adjusted, the system will be modified so that the person can use their smartphone to text, send clips, tweet, Instagram, and send your location to the operator.

Scarborough explains, “Depending on who you listen to, 70-90 percent of your communication is non verbal. So if you have the ability to transmit a video or a picture of something, you’ve taken so much of the guesswork out of the operators mind”

The Madison Board of Commissioners will meet tonight to vote on financing this new 911 system.

This is the last step before purchasing the new system, which they hope to get up, and running in less than two months.


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