Georgia Becoming Hollywood of South

Georgia’s reputation for in next to California and New York for film production.

“Things are booming in Georgia,” said Professor Richard Neupert, coordinator of film studies at the University of Georgia. “It’s going to be a ten billion dollar business this year.”   

Production teams are flocking to Georgia because of the tax breaks for filming in the state. The only problem is production crews don’t want to live in Georgia. Crews live in Georgia for its’ production and leave after it is done. The film industry needs Georgia’s talent to also stay in the state rather than moving to New York City or Hollywood.

“That’s what would make it a sustainstable industry, so that we don’t just have great locations and wonderful studio spaces that people come out of the state to rent,” Neupert said. “We should have a homegrown industry here.”

As for the University of Georgia, Neupert said he hopes people will stay in the state and produce to the Georgia film industry. People should have a script and produce it here rather than somewhere else.


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