A Flu Epidemic Is Sweeping Athens

Athens, Ga.– The Clarke County Health Department and many pharmacies around town are out of flu shots and unaware if they will get any more soon.

This flu season is already a lot higher than it was at this time last year, making vaccines much harder to come by.

But there are places in town that do have the vaccination in stock. Both of the Walgreens in Athens have the shot available but they advise coming in soon because their supply probably wont last through tomorrow.

The University Health Center does have a supply of flu shots, but it may not last very long.

Flu season is not yet half way through and already over 2,000 people nationally have died from this strain of the virus.

The CDC posted a photo that shows how this year the US flu epidemic is much higher than it was last year.

“Everyone wanted their flu shot and they were coming in in hoards looking to get it,” one Walgreens pharmacist said.

The CDC said the flu kills about 36,000 people per year in the US, but getting a flu shot reduces our risk by 60%.

Flu shot prices vary depending on where you go.


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