Another Woman Making History: Georgia Honors Female Writers

Tomorrow, the U.S. may elect its first ever female president. But even if Clinton does win the election, she will not be the first woman to make history.

Along with four other people, Katherine DuPre Lumpkin was honored in the GA Writers Hall of Fame on Monday, November 7.


She is best known for her autobiography, The Making of a Southerner (1947). Relatives say that she was an advocate for those under economic and social oppression during that time. Her family was not always proud of her liberal ideas because of the ideologies of many southerners in the early 20th century.

“Once she came out of the closet as a liberal… she was not spoken of in my family,” said Kay Kent, a distant relative of Katherine.

Decades later, however, they are proud to receive the award for the 2016 GA Writers Hall of Fame in her honor.


One relative, Katharine DuPre’s great grand-niece, is extremely proud to be named after such an extraordinary woman.

“She’s one of the earliest of her time– especially as a woman to have earned a PhD and then to write…one of  her most incredible books,” says Katherine Lumpkin.

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By: Damisi Fawole


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