Donor Provides Christmas Tree to Athens

Fear no more, Christmas has been saved!  After weeks of searching for a community Christmas tree, the City of Athens has finally found a donor to light up the cheer.

It lasted for weeks, but the search is finally over for the city of Athens.  Someone finally donated a Christmas tree for the city.

Why the long search?

Very specific size qualifications that must be met in order for the tree to be displayed.  The tree had to be a cedar, it had to be about thirty-five feet tall and twenty feet in diameter.  Add to that mix, it had to symmetrical with a single trunk.

Jeanne Connel, Buildings Supervisor for Athens-Clarke County Landscape Division said, “It fills the corner of Washington and College Avenue, and those specifications for the tree, once it’s dropped in the ground will still give is the height so people can see it coming from different street ways.”

Who was the donor of the tree?

Laura and Charles Carter of Athens.  The two saw the need and thought a tree on their property would be perfect for the city.

Laura Carter said, “We were walking or riding around on the golf cart or something a year or two ago and we thought that the tree would be good for the tree at City Hall.”

The city did think it was a good fit and are planning to cut it down in just a few days.

The City of Athens plans to have the tree in place and ready to start decorating on November the twenty-eighth.

By:  John Holcomb @mcreeholcomb


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