Barrow County’s New Fire Department Recruitment and Training

The temperature outside has been rising, but it’s been getting a lot hotter for six firefighter recruits. The Barrow County fire department is currently training future firefighters. The recruits are practicing skills they will need so they can start working as firefighters in April. Reporter Jacob Moore shows us what they are doing as a part of their training

Previously they only hired people who were already certified…now, they are training recruits over a 6 week period.  The program lasts six weeks and recruits will begin shifts on April 11th after they complete their training.  Recruits are getting their first experience with a live fire today.

Bullock says there could be another firefighter training program around June, and it could become a twice-a-year program if it is successful.

Fire Fighter Training

Barrow County Firefighters
Barrow County Firefighters