Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana Sails Through Georgia House Committee


Athens – Possession of medical marijuana could soon be legal in the state of Georgia. A bill seeking to legalize medical marijuana unanimously passed its committee in the Georgia House of Representatives yesterday. This is just another step toward the legalization of possession of medical cannibas.

Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith, like some other law enforcement managers, is worried about House Bill 1.

He thinks the bill might be a little too vague. The bill would grant certificates to possess medical marijuana to people diagnosed with up to eight illnesses including ALS and Cancer. Police say it could potentially open an even larger door for offenders and prescription marijuana abuse.

Barrow County Sherriff Jud Smith says he is in support of medical cannibas use for children with life-threatening conditions or those with debilitating pain but has concerns about the wording of the bill.

“Law enforcement as a whole, including the sheriff’s associations, was all for the bill in its infancy when it was helping children. But, now we’ve got people who are wanting to latch on and go a step further. I’m not sure they’ve researched what the THC level is and how it will help them,” Smith said.

House Bill 1 would make it legal to possess medical marijuana with a permit in the state of Georgia, but growing the substance and transporting it across state lines would remain a federal crime.

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