In the land of trust, where bicycles outnumber cars and babies are left outside stores in strollers, thrill seekers of Copenhagen can throw themselves off the side of a crane with one bungy cord strapped to their legs.

Christian Malver, the owner of Bungy Jump Copenhagen, opened the jump in 2009, following a decade of traveling through Europe and setting up jumps at concerts.

“We have two types of jumpers,” Malver said. “We have the jumper that says it was fantastic, but I’ll never do it again, and then we have the jumper that says it was fantastic; I’ll do it again. They all have this special experience.”

 Why It’s Newsworthy: Bungy Jump Copenhagen is a jump over the harbor that gives adrenaline seekers a unique experience in Copenhagen. This event will force one out of their comfort zone and give them a feeling they will remember for the rest of their life.  

The Experience

Following arrival, one will be prepped by stretching their legs, attaching straps to both feet and stepping through a full-body safety harness to ensure a safe descent.

“We are running a very strict procedure called closed loop,” Malver said. “We are never checking anything alone. We always show it to another colleague what we are doing.”

Once the safety procedures are checked, the jumper is attached to the bungy cord, then steps onto the lift to be sent 226 feet above Copenhagen.

As they are quickly elevated to the top, jumpers are advised to not look down, to focus on their breathing and to take in the views of the Copenhagen skyline.

It takes approximately a minute to reach the top. Once there, one is guided to position their arms in front of their body, then they hear a short countdown before being pushed over the edge.

Following the initial leap, bungy jumpers experience a series of exhilarating bounces, allowing them to take in views of Copenhagen upside-down.

Ben McDaniel hangs upside down on his descent at Bungy Jump Copenhagen on May 21, 2023. (Photo/Ben McDaniel)

“My favorite part was when she pushed me. I didn’t even get to close my eyes or anything because I didn’t really think, and it was just like a really tingling feeling and really fun,” said Nikoline Jakobsen, a first-time bungy jumper.

Once the jumper has stopped bouncing, they are slowly lowered down back to the ground.

“You’re spinning around and get a little dizzy,” Jakobsen said. “That was a little bit uncomfortable, but I feel like it just had this adrenaline rush, so it was a good experience.”

Nikoline Jakobsen falls at Bungy Jump Copenhagen on May 21, 2023. (Photo/Ben McDaniel)

According to Malver, Bungy Jump Copenhagen hosts around 2,500 jumpers each year.

“If you go to a nice restaurant, a really, really nice restaurant, you remember it for a couple of years, but when you do bungy jumping, you remember it until the day you die because it makes such a big impression,” Malver said. 

Ben McDaniel is a senior at the University of Georgia studying journalism and political science. 



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