Incidents Prompt Review of Campus Carry Law in Georgia

With the recent shooting in Florida and shooting threats at local schools in Georgia, Grady Newsource took another look at “Campus Carry” law and the State Board of Regents guidelines for students who choose to carry handguns to class. The Office of the Registrar at the University of Georgia does not keep track of who carries firearms into classrooms.  The university says it is a misdemeanor crime for licence-holders who chose to campus carry in classes shared with high school students. The burden of determining if high schoolers are in their Classes is up to those carrying weapons.

“Campus Carry” went into effect July 1, 2017. The University of Georgia has a list of exceptions where students and faculty cannot carry firearms. According to the University System of Georgia guidelines those places include:

  • Classrooms and spaces used for class that high school students are enrolled in.
  • “Buildings and property used for athletic sporting events”.
  • Student housing such as residence halls and Greek living.
  • “Spaces – including any room, continuous collection of rooms or outdoor facility – that are used for preschool or childcare. “
  • Staff, faculty, and administrative offices.
  • Rooms reserved for disciplinary proceedings of any kind involving students, staff, and faculty.

Greg Trevor, the Executive Director for Media Communications says, “Under state law, the university has no way of estimating the number of students who carry concealed weapons on campus. There have been three minor incidents, none of which involved a shooting” where guns were involved since the law went into effect.

Director Trevor provided police reports for the incidents below this article.

UGA says, “License-holders who want to carry handguns to class will need to visit the institution’s registrar or other designated employee, who after verifying their enrollment status will tell them which of their classes, if any, have high school students enrolled.”

Rosemary Segreti, Senior Associate Registrar, says all students who want to campus carry have to email the office to check if high schools dual enroll in their classes.

Although the office does not keep track of these schedule checks, Segreti says, “We get a few requests each term.”

Students who choose to campus carry can email or call 706-542-4040 to check their schedule.



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