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Grady journalism students produce newscasts and shows to both learn and serve the viewers of Northeast Georgia.

Pre-Show Webcast February 6th

February 6th Mid Afternoon Newscast

Web Report

What colleges are Athens HS seniors considering? Cody Godwin has a special web report!

Pre-Show Webcast

With Web Anchor Alex Boswell and Associate Producer Meredith Dean

Afternoon Webcast

Web Anchor Alex Boswell Web Producer Taylor Eisenhauer

Afternoon Webcast on February 4th

Morning Webcast on February 4th

Web Anchor Tyler Linn and Reporter Cody Godwin bring you today’s latest news.

Newsource Afternoon Web Update

  Newsource web anchor Danielle Barker is back with an update on current weather ...

Newsource Morning Webcast

  Reporter Danielle Barker is back today with our Newsource webcast! Keep checking our ...