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Grady journalism students produce newscasts and shows to both learn and serve the viewers of Northeast Georgia.

10/25 Morning Webcast

Get a preview for today’s 5 PM show and a GA/FL weather update.

10/24 Afternoon Webcast

Packing for Georgia/Florida? Find out if Hurricane Sandy means you need to bring your ...

Midday Webcast 10/24

Web team Lindsay Bannon and Mamie Shepherd discuss important information you need to know ...

Morning Webcast 10/24

Web Anchor Mamie Shepherd talks through the day’s top stories. A confirmed case of ...

Grady Newsource Sports Weekly: October 26

It’s the game that needs no introduction. It’s Georgia vs. Florida in Jacksonville. Mike ...

10/23 Afternoon Webcast

Get a behind the scenes look at our news show.

Morning Webcast 10/23

Get a preview for today’s 5 PM live show. Link to Buddy Christian’s Memorial ...

Afternoon Webcast

Web Anchor Mamie Shepherd discusses Wednesday’s Special Project Report with Naomi Keitt.  

Midday Webcast

Web Anchor Mamie Shepherd talks with Reporter Sarah Edwards about the upcoming election night ...

Morning Webcast

Good morning, Athens! Here are a few things we are working on today:

10.18 Afternoon Update

Red Bull is giving UGA students their shot at glory, but they don’t have ...

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