Creature Comforts’ Art Wall

By Savannah Brock

Every three weeks Creature Comforts Brewery highlights a local Athens artist on their back wall. Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they are highlighting the late Sara Belle Papp who passed away at the age of 31 to breast cancer in 2009.

Papp used painting as a way to cope with her diagnoses. She created the various paintings for her close friends and family, many which hang in their homes today. Her paintings featured animals and landscapes that shaped her life. Patrons can admire 13 of her paintings when they visit Creature Comforts. All but one of her paintings on display are high-resolution giclée reproductions. These reproductions are available for purchase on Papp’s website.

“My art is about being captured by the deliciousness of something – especially from the perspective of microcosms – and wishing to express how it makes me feel. There is a vibrancy and inner life of all things and places to be known. It seems the smaller the subject, the louder its voice. Expressing this vibrancy is my art.” –Sara Papp


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