Expert Speaks Out on Cedar Shoals Principal’s News Release

Cedar Shoals Principle’s claims he has done nothing wrong in handling the Cedar Shoals rape case.
Dr. Tony Price hired a law firm to put out a news release on his behalf. The release says that security of Cedar Shoals High School is ultimately the responsibility of the superintendent, not the principal.
All three students involved in the Cedar Shoals rape case from left to right:  Xavier Marquise Clarke, Javious Collins, and Markel Brannon
 The CCSD policy states: “…the Board directs the superintendent to implement administrative regulations to provide for the physical safety and security of School District facilities and property. The Board also authorizes and directs the superintendent to establish a Police Department. Nothing in this policy shall prohibit the superintendent from securing additional law enforcement and security services as may be necessary to provide for school safety and security.” –Board Policy EBC and EBC-R (1)
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Yan Jin is an Associate Professor of Public Relations at the University of Georgia

Yan Jin, Associate Professor of Public Relations, says this sort of release is not unusual.

“Not just as a principal in this case but in general as an individual when you are under, when you’re a public figure under litigation threat, it’s usual for that person to seek legal counsel in terms of what kind of things he or she can put forward in public that will kind of protect that person from any potential harm for later on in the litigation process.”
Price’s attorney, Michael C. Daniel, says he does not have a comment on the news release at this time.
Price will remain on administrative leave during the investigation of the incident. Monica Grant, Clarke County’s executive director of secondary education, is currently the school’s temporary top administrator.


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