Feed the Hungry for Thanksgiving

Athens, Ga– One hundred and twenty-five thousand people will have nothing to eat on Thanksgiving.  But there is something you can do to help.

The Athens Salvation Army feeds roughly 50 people per day.

Wes Holt Community Director at the Salvation Army says “come to our facility at 4:30 and see the line outside the soup kitchen and just see the different looks and faces you’ll see here and it will really change your perspective on what the homeless community is.”

And it’s not just the Salvation Army. The Athens Area Homeless Shelter and the North East Georgia Food Bank are feeding the hungry as well. The food bank started the Hunger Bowl last year. Their goal is to fill three tractor-trailers full of goods in the two weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Registration for the competition already passed, but you can bring your canned or boxed food to the second floor of the Grady building on UGA’s campus.

You can also donate food or other goods to the Salvation Army at any time during the year.

Holt says, “Food’s always great. Toiletries are always great—deodorant, feminine products, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste. Things like that are always wonderful.”

If you don’t have the ability to give tangible things, you can give your time. “If you don’t have money to donate food or items, you can donate your time—volunteer,” Holt said. “Which you would just call us anytime you want,” Holt said.

Holt says that people who are hungry do not have one specific face. “It’s everyone. He says “It could be me in a month. It’s anyone”

It could be you. It could be your friend—unless you do something to help today.


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