Hall County Mayor Elections: Voter Turnout

GAINESVILLE, Ga.— Turnout was lower than expected in the Hall County Mayor race as of three o’clock today. It was surprising to several workers considering it was the first time Gainesville citizens had a chance to vote for a Mayor since the 1960’s.

The Hall County Board of Elections predicted that 2,922 voters would show up to cast their ballot on Tuesday. As of 3pm, the number of votes placed was a little over 1,300.

“That’s why it’s so surprising to me that there’s not been more people out voting than they have,” elections worker Evelyn Crain said. “It’s the first time they’ve had the opportunity to elect a mayor.”

The Hall County Director of Elections mentioned the same low turnout.

“Well it’s slower than I thought it would be,” said Charlotte Sosebee. “It’s not your general election period.”

The ballot was a lot smaller than most voters expected with only four candidates in one race.

“I know it was a little strange,” said one voter. “Is that all we have to vote for?”

In general, most of the voters expressed that it was an easy and simple process. The only confusion came from the reduced amount of places to vote because it was a city election. It caused some voters to have to change locations.

If the election were to come to a runoff, it would come on December 3rd between the top two vote getters. We won’t find out those results until after 7pm tonight, when the polls close.




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