First Amendment Rights Expanded on UGA Campus


This is Tate Plaza. Until last week it was one of only two places on campus that was designated as free speech areas at the University of Georgia.

But UGA Students will soon be able to exercise their first amendment rights all over campus.

A federal lawsuit that challenged UGA for limiting free speech last year prompted the UGA Cabinet to allow any public area on campus to allow free speech.

The new policy will ease restrictions on demonstrating, public speaking, and distributing literature but it might not end the lawsuit.

Michael Raeber is the Executive Director for Legal Affairs at UGA. He said that the lawsuit is still in motion despite UGA’s recent changes on campus.

”We don’t have any indication that they intend to drop the lawsuit. But again our motion to dismiss remains pending and we’re certainly hopeful that the court will agree that there is no merit to the claims brought by the student group,” Raeber said.

We will keep you updated on this pending lawsuit as it develops. Tune in at 5 to Grady Newsource.