Five Points Lunch Counter a Place for Friendship, Food

Athens, GA–There aren’t that many lunch counters left around the country, but there is one here in Athens that has been going steady for over five decades.  ADD Drug in five points not only sells prescription drugs but has the only lunch counter in Athens.

The store and lunch counter has been open for over fifty years, and the food they serve there is good–really good. There are pimento cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and bacon, all for a really good price.

While the food is delicious, it isn’t the only good thing about the place. A group of six loyal customers comes in for breakfast six days a week. If you ask them why they all have the same answer.

Paul DeLargy asks, “Well have you ever heard of a more friendly place to come?”

Henry Folsom adds, “I enjoy coffee and the friendship of the people down here.

Tony Glenun, reiterates, “It’s just the friendship.”

That’s exactly how the staff want their customers to feel. Donna McNicholas has worked at ADD Drug for a little over four years, and she has seen generations of families eat at the counter.

She says, “I also wait a lot on people that graduated here, and then they bring their families back. So, there’s definitely the circle of life so to speak.”

ADD Drug won’t change it’s nostalgic, friendly atmosphere. The last thing it wants to be is generic. Because generic is boring. And generic doesn’t put pimento cheese on its hamburgers.



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