Five Things to Watch Thursday

Severe Weather 

Did you make big plans outdoors for today and tomorrow? Well, there is a chance that you may have to reconsider those options due to the weather today. Reporter Danielle Lewan will keep you updated on whether you should keep, change or reconsider your options for today. 

UGA Rebranding

UGA has been competitive with rivals Georgia Tech and Florida both academically and athletically for years, but one thing that the rival schools have dominated the Bulldawgs in is branding. UGA has struggled for years having an aligned identity, with its different departments across campus. UGA’s Marketing and Branding Department wants to change that by re-aligining the University’s logo system. Reporter Claudia Kelly-Bazan will update you on the process as she attends the last Visual Identity session today. 

Great Southland Stampede Rodeo

The Great Southland Stampede Rodeo opens tonight. This is the Rodeo’s 42 straight year, and is one of the only student-run international Professional Rodeo Association in the nation. While the rodeo has been going for 42 years, agriculture as an industry is expecering a shortage of new talent. Reporter James Thompson will update you on the Rodeo as well as the problems the agriculture industry faces. 

SGA Update

The results are in for the SGA Executive election, and Commit UGA was victorious. With the win under Commit UGA’s belt, where do they go from here? Reporter Jane Mo will keep you updated with campaigns plans going forward.


UGA track and field athlete Maurice Freeman just ran the fifth fastest 400 meter time in UGA history. Although Freeman has the quickness, he has to make an adjustment that most track athletes learned in high school.  Sports Reporter Bryan Marseille takes us into Freeman’s new adjustment, as the team travels to Gainesville for the Florida Relays. 



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