Gas Prices Are Lowest In Years


By: Blis Savidge

Good news for holiday travelers… Gas prices are the lowest they have been in years, but you might be surprised to see how the price of gas in Georgia compares to other states.

According to AAA, on December 1st the national average price of regular unleaded gas was $2.03 per gallon.

One year ago that average was nearly 80 cents higher at $2.76 per. gallon.

Georgia is siting near the national average with gas currently costing $1.97 per gallon.

Michigan has the cheapest gas prices with the state average being just $1.79, while Hawaii takes the prize for most expensive. Fueling up in this state will cost you $2.81 per gallon.

Average national gas prices in past years:

2008: $3.25

2009: $2.35

2010: $2.78

2011: $3.51

2012: $3.60

2013: $3.49

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