Grady Newsource Explains: UGA’s Cryotherapy Chamber

By: Zack Sims

Recovery for athletes at the University of Georgia can now use a “state-of-the-art whole body cryotherapy chamber” after workouts. The chamber is supposed to present a quicker alternative to recovering from workouts than an ice bath.

The chamber comes from an Atlanta-based company called Impact Cryotherapy. The company believes the benefit of cryotherapy is the amount of time it saves.

“Rather than endure 20 minutes in a tub of ice water, they can spend three minutes in our whole body cryotherapy chamber to achieve better, faster results,” said Impact Cryotherapy CEO and Co-Founder Richard E. Otto.

The chamber covers all of the athlete’s body except their head. Once they are inside, the door is closed and a nitrogen vapor fills the chamber.

The vapor has a temperature range of -120 to -140 degrees Celsius. The treatment lasts no longer than three minutes, and once a player exits the chamber their body immediately reheats.

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