Halloween Hits Downtown Early With the Wild Rumpus Parade

Athens, Ga–Downtown Athens may be quiet today…but something is coming. In four days, these streets will be full of monsters and mayhem.

It’s called the WIld Rumpus Parade and Spectacle, an Athens Halloween tradition for five years running. The parade is open to anyone or anything who wants to participate.

All you have to do to join the Wild Rumpus Parade is meet on the corner of Pulaski Street and Clayton Street at 7:00pm this Saturday. From there, a zombie drumline will lead you around the parade route.

Master of Ceremonies Timi Conley says the costumes get crazier every year.

“You see everything from Teletubbies, to trolls, to giant robots…a friend of mine always does a paper mache head that’s 12 feet tall. There was a giant chinese dragon with like five people operating it.”

Conley says the inspiration for the parade comes from Athens itself.

“People don’t grow up here, and they like to have fun. There’s a lot of creativity…and we like to party.”

This year he’s expecting the biggest crowd yet.

“This will be the first year where UGA students can really participate because there’s no Georgia-Florida game this weekend.”

Conley says to remember: “Meet at 7pm, march at 7:30pm…it’s going to be big.”

All proceeds benefit Nuci’s Space. To donate, go to www.wildrumpus.org

by Blake Ansley


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