Human Vs. Zombies Week 2013

Camo, Nerf Guns, and a group of students coming together. It’s Human Vs. Zombies Week.

UGA students and faculty can expect a little excitement this week on campus. The Human versus zombies tag game began today at seven in the morning. Keep an eye out for attacks between the two teams. Anyone who wants to take part in the game can register on H-V-Z Source website. Students are not active players while in buildings but become active once they step out of buildings and off buses. These students don’t play for a prize. Chief officer of the Human vs. Zombies club at UGA, Joseph Fernandez, says, ” The prize is playing the game. If you’ve ever played the game before you know how much fun it is and just winning is pretty great.

Around three hundred people play the survival game. Cease fire for the day begins at sunset.hvz


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