ICYMI: New “Hunger Games” Theme Park Coming to Georgia

By Savannah Brock

The proposed "Hunger Games" theme park, as an artist's rendering (Source: Lionsgate and The New York Times)
The proposed “Hunger Games” theme park, as an artist’s rendering (Source: Lionsgate and The New York Times)

Tributes young and old can now visit Panem in 2019 and its location is closer than you think.

Lionsgate Entertainment is partnering with Avatron Smart Park to bring The Hunger Games to Georgia. More specifically Bartow County, just northwest of Atlanta.

This park will be approximately 100-arces of a first-of-its-kind interactive theme park. According to Lionsgate, Avatron Smart Park will feature a  unique combination of storytelling, captivating special effects, technically advanced rides, and innovative technology. This type of park will allow attractions to react and respond to park guests in a personalized manner.

While The Hunger Games will be one of the main features at the park, Lionsgate does plan on including other popular franchises within the park. The most recent installments of the popular dance films Step Up and Now You See Me are two of Lionsgate’s properties that will be debuted in the theme park.

So the question is posed. Do you volunteer as tribute?


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