Hurricane Irma passed through Florida more than a week ago, but it hasn’t entirely left people’s minds.

A trailer full of supplies is locked, but a few people have put their donations over to the side.

It’s an empty scene right now, but I was told that earlier this week, Jackson County community members were lined up donating supplies for Hurricane Irma relief.

The Jackson County Jail looked very different yesterday. The trailer full of donations is now locked up and ready to head towards Fort Myers, Florida. But a few people are still getting in their last donations.

“We’re beyond blessed, and the people who have been through hard times need help,” said Trevor Jones. “Just like we will one day.”

Jones is a Jackson County native. He came the drop off location with a friend to donate paper towels and cleaning supplies for victims of Hurricane Irma.

He was not surprised by the amount of community effort to help those in need during both Harvey and Irma.

Trevor Jones drops off supplies for Hurricane Irma relief in Jackson County, GA. September 21, 2017.

“Everybody has about brought stuff up here,” said Jones. “There ain’t anybody hardly that hadn’t come here one time or another.”

The Jackson County Sheriff’s office isn’t the only office in the area that has pushed relief efforts. The Barrow County, Jackson County, and Oconee’s sheriff Offices combined sent more than five truckloads of supplies earlier this month for flood victims in Texas.

While it may be too late to donate for this trailer, the sheriff’s say you can still give monetary donations for Irma relief on the American Red Cross website.

This office and sheriff’s offices of surrounding counties say that they have wrapped up hurricane relief.

Grady Newsource will keep you updated on any relief efforts for Hurricane Maria.


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