On the menu today: lunch-sized bites for you to consume while you munch on your lunch.


When you’re already thinking about what to eat for dinner while you’re halfway through your lunch:

Creature Comforts is hosting an event tonight at 6:00pm to benefit the Giving Kitchen called Athens Chefs Collaboration. The event features ten chefs cooking up their best dinner and a tour of the brewery. Some of the chefs include:Patrick Stubbers of Seabear, Trey Rayburn of The Branded Butcher, Jackie Burton of LRG Provisions, and more. The Giving Kitchen was established to help chefs start up their restaurants, but when the founder was diagnosed with stage four cancer, the fund had to be reallocated to his medical expenses. Full story: here. The proceeds for tonight will go towards the Giving Kitchen. Tickets for the event tonight can be bought here.

What to drink.. What to drink… Lemonade. 

But this #LEMONADE won’t be 50 cents from the cute kid selling it in your neighborhood. It was the buzz word of the weekend and carried on this morning when Beyonce announced that her visual album #LEMONADE is available on iTunes, Amazon, and TIDAL. It is on iTunes currently for $17.99. Rolling Stone says it’s worth your money though.

When the lunch special doesn’t start until 3:00 PM

Yeah, that probably isn’t happening.. And it looks like the Krogergas station on Baxter Street isn’t either. Kroger on Baxter Street will not be able to expand to the 1065 Baxter Street lot where they were trying to add a gas station and small grocery store. The bid has been denied and Jared Sweat will have more at 5 PM.

Watching your friend dip his chicken tenders in peanut butter..

Wait those two things don’t go together.. And most people think that UGA and Georgia Tech don’t go together either, but the two school are teaming up for an extra especial cause. The schools are creating plans for camps for the group Extra Special People. UGA makes the master plan of the camp they want and hand it off to Georgia Tech to make the architectural replica to bring it to life. SK Bowen will have the full story tonight at 5 PM.

Buzz words today in sports: Lebron James, Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and Tom Brady.

Wait, one of those things is not like the others. Tom Brady’s suspension has been reinstated for four games at the beginning of the NFL season that begins in the fall. The National Football League won the appeal of Deflategate and now Tom Brady off-season will be a few weeks longer. Cue: Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen, and kids taking an extra beach vacation this summer and Cardinals, Dolphins, Texans, and Bill rejoice.

When the chocolate cake is staring at and you screaming, “PICK ME! PICK ME!”

So are the NFL hopefuls this week. The NFL Draft begins this Thursday. Notable Bulldogs in the draft this year include: Leonard Floyd, Keith Marshall, Malcolm Mitchell, Jake Ganus, John Theus, Chris Mays, and more. Tonight: Reporter Kaitlin Long sits down with Chris Mays, a former defensive lineman at the University of Georgia.