Information Technology Department Details Cyber Attack on Campus

ATHENS, Ga. — The University of Georgia’s Internet connection has been under attack.

This on-going attack has been affecting the University’s network server for about a month now.

The cyber-attack has led to a “sluggish” connection, according to the Information Technology Department at UGA.

“This attack is more sophisticated and is attacking many, many more targets on campus,” said Vice President for Information Technology, Timothy Chester, in an email sent to other faculty. “We are currently working with our campus Internet service providers and others in order to effectively blunt the attack”.

Some students are frustrated with the access. Freshman student Holly Shinn says that she depends on the network called PAWS Secure to work for her, being that she lives on campus.

“It has to work,” said Shinn. “I can’t go on any other wi-fi”.

According to The University of Florida, attacks such as these are common.

“The University of Florida, like all major research and scientific organizations in the U.S., experiences thousands of unauthorized attempts to enter our networks each day,” said Tracy Gale, Communications Manager at The University of Florida. “It is a huge problem and challenge for all universities.”

The Information Technology Department at UGA says they are actively working to counteract the attack and resolve the issue.


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